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Land Connections is an avenue of dispersing information related to landscape architecture in hopes of fostering greater understanding and collaboration between professions. Topics address issues that affect the built environment within which we live.


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SPECIAL EDITION – The Awesome Spot Playground!

2016-12-02As 2016 closes out and a new year begins, I wanted to recognize the fact that amidst an abundance of negativity in the media this past year, amazing things have been accomplished by people who truly want to make a difference in the world. There are so many examples of this within each of our local communities that I would never be able to identify all of them. I will however focus on one effort that is close to home with the O’Dell Engineering team. This issue of LAND Connections will focus on a grassroots project called “The Awesome Spot Playground” that O’Dell Engineering has been assisting with and continues to advocate for…


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