Land Connections

Land Connections is an avenue of dispersing information related to landscape architecture in hopes of fostering greater understanding and collaboration between professions. Topics address issues that affect the built environment within which we live.


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Landscape Architects as Futurists

2016-12-02The way we learn about the profession of landscape architecture and its practice tends to be a study of context. Technical courses teach students to see physical characteristics of a site. We learn to identify slope, follow the point of steepest grade in a trail of mud following a rainstorm, and identify the plants and ecosystems that define a site. Theoretical courses teach students to see the intangible qualities of a site; history, usage patterns, and the implications of design decisions upon users and usability. We learn about node, edge, and the exciting but unpredictable possibilities of how a site may develop or come to be used in a way different from that which we originally intended.


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